How Does Scheduling Work?

  • Each student involved in the Hospital/Homebound program is unique and has different needs. We want to meet the needs of every student as thoroughly as possible, but our staff is limited. During the staffing meeting for your student, the IEP team will work together to determine how many hours of instruction are necessary and appropriate based on your student's mental and physical condition, their learning style and needs, and their level of autonomy. Not all students will receive as many hours of direct instruction as others, and not all students need as much one on one instruction as others.

    We understand that parents and guardians often have work schedules, school schedules, and schedules of other family members to consider. For this reason, your student's instructional schedule will be arranged between the Hospital/Homebound teacher and the family. A responsible adult must be present any time a Hospital/Homebound teacher comes to the home (or hospital) to work with a student, so please arrange schedules mindfully. Generally, these schedules offer some flexibility as needed, but need to remain constant when possible so that Hospital/Homebound teachers are available to serve other students in need.

    If your student will be absent, please notify their Hospital/Homebound teacher in advance or as soon as possible.