Risk Management

  • The Risk Management Department maintains insurance programs and claims management for the district.  We also provide consulting services for the management structure of the district.



    The insurance programs for Property and Casualty consist of General and Auto Liability, Sexual Misconduct, Workers' Compensation, Property, Boiler and Machinery, Errors and Omissions, Catastrophic Sports, Medical Malpractice, Fiduciary, and Bonds. Risk Management

    With respect to the Property and Casualty program, this office is responsible for securing coverage to protect the district and dealing with claims as they become known. This responsibility consists of determining whether a claim will be assigned to an attorney for defense, and whether the claim will be defended, settled or denied. In connection with the programs maintained, this office will also assist in development of loss prevention programs to aid in the reduction of claims. Loss reduction efforts can take the form of changes in the package of insurance coverage as well as development of training programs and other means to reduce claims numbers and costs.
    The other area of insurance consists of Group Coverage. The Benefits Office administers the Group Coverage benefits. This office writes bid specifications, accomplishes renewals and represents the district's interests when dealing with issues associated with the collective bargaining agreement.


    Consulting Services

    Consulting Services are provided to administrators on a daily basis. Questions on liability, risks, procedures, and other issues can be addressed through a meeting or by telephone to assist administrators. With our "School Based" management concept, this method of addressing various issues has proven useful and beneficial to the district. Consulting Services also addresses safety concerns and needs.



    Provide basic services to work locations on an ongoing basis. Our "School Based" Management concept places responsibility for safety issues of the district on a consulting basis, rather than packaged training.  The Safety Section provides state-mandated training to each new employee during New Employee Orientation. This training consists of the following: Work Place Safety, Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Blood Borne Pathogens, and an overview of how to file a claim under workers' compensation and sexual harassment.

    Safety regulations are either compulsory or voluntary in nature, therefore, safety concerns on the part of workplaces are treated as part of the consulting services offered. Certain safety issues such as playground equipment, lift platforms, forklifts, and other operations require Safety input or further assistance. Safety input will be provided as part of a continuing need or as a result of a request. The Safety Office is also available to assist workplace supervisors with their loss reduction needs, and requests will be honored as received.

    Alachua County Public Schools maintains an Emergency Notification List (Login Required) that is used by staff and local emergency agencies should a need arise to contact school/facilities' personnel after school hours.

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