Frequently Asked Questions

    1. ImageCan my child be enrolled at school if I do not have the required documentation?
      Yes.  Your child has the right to enroll immediately even if they do not have the required documentation.  The Children at Promise Counselor is available to assist you through the enrollment process.
    2. Do we qualify for homeless services if each night we sleep in a different place?
      Yes, any person(s) lacking a fixed, regular, or adequate night-time residence is eligible for services.
    3. We live with a relative, so do we qualify as being homeless?
      If you and your child/children are sharing housing due to economic hardship, loss of housing, or are living in emergency or transitional shelters, you are eligible.
    4. What services are we eligible for?
      Your child is eligible for immediate school enrollment (barring any health issue that may put the school at risk), school supplies, case management, transportation assistance, and other services as needed.
    5. I am awaiting foster care placement, am I eligible for homeless services?
      Yes. As an unaccompanied youth, you are eligible for enrollment and additional services offered through Children at Promise


    Note:  All such efforts are grounded in sensitivity and respect in order to keep the academic well-being and best interest of the student in the forefront.
                                                                                                                          ~Best Practices In Homeless Education