Day Program

    • Some ACPS high schools offer Driver Education as an elective, semester-long course during the school year.

    • Registration for the course is done at the school during the normal class registration process.

    • Students take the classroom portion of the course at their high school and earn .5 elective credit upon successful completion of the course.

    • Behind the wheel training (lab) will be available at the Traffic Safety Center (TSC) during the evenings (return to the main page and click night program for more info).

    • At the TSC, students are trained in three driver education formats: in state-of-the-art driving simulators, driving on a controlled range, and last, driving in actual street traffic.

    • All instructors are teachers certified in driver education and hold third-party tester (TPT) credentials that allow them to administer driving tests to students.

    Contact your high school guidance department for further information on the driver education day program.

    Scott Pritchett, Coordinator 
    Traffic Safety Center (352) 955-6959

    Traffic Safety Center3501 NE 12th Street
    Gainesville, FL

    Map to the center