Safety is our Priority!

  •  A. Parents are responsible for: 

    1. their child's safety, supervision, and conduct to and from bus stops and while waiting at the bus stop;
    2. their child getting on and off their assigned bus at their assigned stop; Parents must have written permission from the principal before allowing their child to get on a bus at a different stop.
    3. their child arriving at the bus stop five (5-8) minutes before scheduled pick-up time;
    4. teaching their child to stand off the roadway while waiting for the bus; 
    5. teaching their child to not cross a two-lane road to reach the bus stop, and to wait on their side of the road until the bus arrives and the driver signals to them that it is clear to cross the road;
    6. meeting the bus each day if students are seven (7) years of age or younger; however, students may be discharged from the bus whether or not there is someone to meet the bus; for all Pre-K/Kindergarten students, a parent or parent designee must be at the bus stop every afternoon before a child can be removed from the bus. If there is not a designee at the bus stop at the end of the school day, the student will be returned to the school. If this occurs the parent will have to pick up the student from the school. If a student's Individual  Education Plan (IEP) requires the student to  have assistance to get on or off the bus, the parent must be at the bus stop when the bus arrives in the morning and afternoon, pursuant to F.A.C 6A-3.0121(2) (c) (4). Once a student reaches the age of eighteen (18) years old, the IEP team may make a determination as to whether or not a parent must be present at the bus stop. Parents who fail to meet the bus three (3) times will be contacted by the shool to verify they are available to meet the bus before the student is allowed to board the bus at school.
    7. teaching their child the rules of the school bus;
    8. paying for damages to school buses or property within ten (10) days after billing; and
    9. providing transportation to and from school when your child's bus riding privileges have been suspended.

    B. The District has no responsibility for students prior to the arrival of the bus at a bus stop or after the student exits the bus at a bus stop. (F.S. 1006.10(3))

    C. Bus drivers are not permitted for safety reasons to wait at bus stops for late arrivals.

    D. If a student with a physical disability is unable to get on or off the bus without assistance, the parent/guardian shall provide the necessary assistance. 

    *Parent please review the bus rules below with your student (s).

    School Board PO 8620

    Revised 5/7/19




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