General Information

  • Because of the ongoing shortage of bus drivers and the negative impact on bus schedules and school attendance, the district is making changes to its bus transportation system. The goals of the changes are to significantly reduce late and non-arriving buses, increase on-time arrivals and departures, and use public funds more effectively.

    Under the new system, ‘courtesy’ bus routes for all students except those attending the highest needs elementary schools have been eliminated. "Courtesy" buses are those provided to students who live within two miles of their zoned school and are not ESE (Exceptional Student Education) students.

    Instead of courtesy busing, the district will offer parents the opportunity to request transportation if their student’s walk to school meets the state’s legal definition of a hazardous walking condition.

    This site includes links to the state’s definition of a hazardous walking condition and to the application for transportation due to a hazardous walking condition.

Hazardous Walking Conditions Application

Highest Needs Elementary Schools

  • Click here for FL Statute 1006.23