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    Raptor vSoft provides an effective and affordable way to help schools and community facilities keep unwanted visitors out while tracking those they allow in. Simply scan a visitor’s Driver's License or other state issued ID and Raptor vSoft instantly screens for registered sex offenders in all 50 states and can also screen for individuals with restraining orders, custody issues, suspended or expelled students, known gang members, or for any custom alert.

    When a visitor is cleared, Raptor vSoft prints a badge featuring the visitor's name, photo, date and time, and destination. If a potential threat is identified, the Raptor system sends instant alerts to designated officials, including administrators and law enforcement, via email, text messaging and/or page. Only Raptor vSoft has FP logic to help prevent repeat positive sex offender matches.

    Raptor vSoft can also be used to track and report faculty and volunteer hours as well as student tardies and early sign-outs.

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