Internal Auditing

  • Welcome to the Internal Audits office

    Internal auditing is an independent appraisal activity within the organization for review of the operations as a service to management.

    The Internal Audits Office reports to the Superintendent. The scope of the Internal Auditor’s Office includes every functional and program area of the school system.

Duties of the Internal Auditor

  • The internal auditor's duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

    1.  Performing ongoing financial verification of the financial records of the District, a comprehensive risk assessment of all areas of the school system every five (5) years, and other audits and reviews as the Board for determining:
      1. the adequacy of internal controls designed to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and
      2. compliance with applicable laws, rules, contracts, grant agreements, Board-approved policies, and best practices;
      3. the efficiency of operations;
      4. the reliability of financial records and reports;
      5. the safeguarding of assets;
      6. financial solvency;
      7. projected revenues and expenditures;
      8. the rate of change in the general fund balance;

    2. The internal auditor shall prepare audit reports of his/her findings and report directly to the Superintendent, Auditor Selection committee, and Board (or its designee).

Our Mission

  • The Mission of the Internal Auditing Office is to assist the Superintendent and its administration and the Board by reviewing and appraising the activities of the School District, the integrity of its records, and the general effectiveness of its operations.