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Quote: "Every task in Title 1 touches the life of a child." Jennifer Steptoe Title 1 Director
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Title I Program Overview

  • Title I Mission Statement

    The purpose of Title I, and the educators of Alachua County, in partnership with families and caregivers, is to ensure that all students have a fair and equitable opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.  Our mission, in tandem with parents and guardians, is to support students to reach for academic excellence and to prepare them for lifelong success.  This educational team, together, manages resources and facilitates activities that help students to attain high levels of scholastic proficiency and achievement while also fostering their full potential and overall development.

    Learn More About This Revision of The Title I Mission Statement 

    What is Title I?

    Title I is the largest federally funded educational program. This program, authorized by Congress through the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1968, provides supplemental funds to school districts to assist schools with the highest student concentrations of poverty to meet school educational goals.  Federal law requires that any school that has a poverty rate of 75% or higher must be served through the Title I program.

    Title I Video

    Title I Programs provide funds to districts in order to assist schools with the highest levels of economically disadvantaged students to: 

    • Improve student achievement for all participating children

    • Improve staff development 

    • Improve parental, family and community engagement

    In accordance with federal law, funds are allocated directly to schools to work toward these three goals. 
    Visit US Dept. of Education for further information.

    Alachua County Public Schools Title I Schools

    In this district, all elementary schools identified with a percentage of 35% or higher CLIF (children of low-income families) population through the direct certification process receive funds. Secondary or combination schools identified with a percentage of 75% or higher CLIF (children of low-income families) population through the direct certification process receive funds.

    Funds are allocated on a per qualifying pupil basis. Federal law requires that a district not use Title I funds to offset expenses to a Title I school that would normally be paid by other sources if Title I funds were not available.

    The department of Title I coordinates instructional programs and alternative settings for students who require intensive instruction and support.  Primary responsibilities of the department include:

    • Coordination and implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act legislation and requirements.
    • Administrative and instructional support for the District Title I programs which include:
      • Title I, Part A (Educationally Disadvantaged)
      • Title I, Part D (Delinquent Educational)
      • Title I, Unified School Improvement Grant (UniSIG)
    • Coordination and implementation with Title I schools to provide supplemental academic support for students.
    • Instructional support for students in programs at the A Quinn Jones Center.
    • Coordination and instructional support for students in the Department of Juvenile Justice programs located at the Pace Center for Girls, AMIKids, Alachua Regional Detention Center and Alachua Academy.
    • Facilitate Parent and Family Engagement Activities through individual school/center sites.

    What Families Should Know About Title I

    Title I, Part A is a federal grant program designed to give educational assistance to ensure that all children meet our student achievement standards.  School programs use evidence-based instructional strategies and implement family engagement activities.  Title I is dedicated to involving home and school, working together, to improve the educational opportunities for all students by helping them:

    • succeed in the regular program
    • attain grade-level proficiency
    • improve academic achievement

    Title I Video

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Florida Department of Education, Bureau of Federal Programs

    United States Department of Education

Contact Us

  • Jennifer Steptoe| Director
    Title I Compensatory Educational Programs, Title III, School Renewal
    Email: steptojw

    Holley Jaxon | Supervisor
    Email: jaxonh

    Payton Marinello | Program Services Specialist
    Email: marinellope

    Heather Carroll | Executive Assistant
    Email: carrolhc

    Gigi Galvan | Senior Clerical Assistant
    Email: galvang  

    TBA | Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator

    Part A Specialists
    LaTorrie Williams, williamslr
    Scott Zofnas, zofnassi

    Part D Specialist
    Scott Zofnas, zofnassi

    1817 East University Avenue
    Manning Center Annex, Bldg. 2
    Gainesville, Florida 32641

    (352) 955-7634

    *Note - all emails followed by @gm.sbac.edu

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