Exceptional Student Education and Student Support Services

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    Welcome to the Alachua County Public School’s Exceptional Student Education and Student Services (ESE/SS) website.  All students in our school system are entitled to a free and appropriate education (FAPE).  A continuous range of programs, opportunities and services are available for our students.  Our motivation is to help all students reach their full potential.  All students have particular and specific needs; some more than others.

    For those students with learning and behavioral challenges, communication issues, physical impairment, developmental disorders and the like, particular learning strategies might be necessary.  The schooling of students with special needs takes into account their individual differences, and might require individually planned and systematically monitored teaching and learning strategies; adaptive equipment and materials; accessible school and program settings; and other interventions designed to help achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency and success in school and in the community.

    The Student Services wing of our department provides for the needs of all students including advising and counseling, accessibility, wellness and health, career developmental, school climate and student conduct.  This division of our department has the primary purpose of attending to students' emotional and physical wellbeing and to a student’s intellectual, cultural and social development.

    ESE and Student Services personnel provide assistance to parents, teachers, students, support staff and outside agencies who provide meaningful supports for children.  Through our mutual efforts we will provide an appropriate education for all students.

    For more information on the ESE/Student Services Department’s programs, services and processes in ensuring a FAPE, please visit our various links on this website.  Together we can make a difference for a child.


    Kathy Black
    Executive Director
    Exceptional Student Education/
    Student Support Services

  • ESE/Student Services Department Contacts

    Dr. Sheri J. Brassfield, PhD
    Supervisor Elementary ESE Programs
    (352) 955-7671 x 1630
    Email:  brassfieldsj

    Consuelo (Coi) Owens
    Supervisor Secondary ESE Programs
    (352) 955-7671 x 1635
    Email:  owensce

    Karla Hutchinson
    Supervisor PreK ESE Program
    (352) 955-7671 x 1664
    Email:  hutchikn

    Laura Schollmeyer-Schwartz
    Supervisor ESE Compliance
    (352) 955-7671 x1603
    Email:  schwartzls

    Johnelly Green, RN
    Supervisor Health Services
    Phone:  (352) 955-7671 x 1612
    Cell:  (352) 318-2074
    Email:  greenj1

    Dr. Toni Griffin, EdD
    Supervisor School Counseling & Student Services
    (352) 955-7671 x1610
    Email:  taylorjp

    Dr. Donald Reed, PhD
    Supervisor Psychological Services,
    School Discipline, and Title IX
    (352) 955-7671 x 1661
    Email:  reedd

    Sylvester Brown
    Middle/High School Discipline,
    Alternative Education, DJJ and
    Related Programs Transitions
    (352) 955-7671 x 1611
    Email:  brownsl

    Rodney W. Warner
    Elementary Student Discipline,
    District Bullying Initiative;
    Attendance and Truancy
    (352) 955-7671 x 1623
    Email:  warnerrw

    Wanda Gilmore and Deborah Difranco
    Student Records
    (352) 955-7740
    Email:  studentrecords

    Note: Email addresses are followed by @gm.sbac.edu

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Contact Us

  • ESE and Student Support Services are located at:

    Fearnside Family Services Center
    3600 NE 15th Street
    Gainesville, FL 32609


    (844) 410-6813

    Student Support Services:
    (844) 410-6814

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