Information Resources

  • The department, part of the Human Resources Division, is currently organized into four major sections:

    • Computer Services

      Database design, application development, application maintenance, and consultation. Systems hardware/software installation, systems generation, systems tune-up, troubleshooting, consultation.

      A major feature of the department is the formation of project teams that are assigned to work full-time under the auspices of major administrative divisions. Wherever feasible, these computer support personnel (computer system analysts and programmers) are actually housed with members of the user community. This has been very instrumental in our rapid development of computer systems. Currently there are four project teams: 
      - Business Services 
      - Human Resources 
      - Facilities/Transportation 
      - Student Support  

    • Technical Support
      Helpdesk: District-wide computer assistance with connectivity, passwords, printing, phones, scanning, hardware and software issues. Microcomputers and Networking: Network configuration, network analysis, installation, maintenance, moves/changes, LANS, microcomputer hardware/software, controllers, terminals, consultation.

    • Voice Communications Services

      Planning, installation, and maintenance of telephone systems districtwide; operation of parent-contact services (Parentlink, home phone telephone newsletters, field trip audio announcements, etc.); research and development activities associated with communication systems. See the Voice Communications Home Page for more information.

    • Student Information Support

      Applications liaison, information center, management information servic


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Meet Our Staff

  • Executive Director of Instructional Technology 
      Uma Shankar (352) 955-7511
    Pennie Spencer, Executive Assistant (352) 955-7517

    Business Services Applications Team
    Rita Landis, Supervisor II (352) 955-7541
    Mollie Alberts, Programmer Analyst III  (352) 955-7552
    Paula Cummings, Programmer Analyst III (352) 955-7629
    Karen Bondurant, Programmer Analyst III (352) 955-7509
    Dan Venturini, Systems Analyst (352) 955-7542

    Human Resources Applications Team
    Chauncey Freeman, Supervisor II (352) 955-7645
    Chris Clevenger, Programmer III/Systems (352) 955-7553
    Robin Dubas, Systems Programmer III/Project Leader (352) 955-7558
    Jane Fudge, Programmer Analyst III (352) 955-7548

    Facilities and Transportation Applications Team
    Jeff Dissell, Systems Programmer III/Project Leader (352) 955-6850 Ext. 1553
    Andrea Garrido Menacho Programmer II/Systems (352) 955-6939

    Technical Support Team
    Leo Whitman, Systems Programmer III (352) 955-7513
    Daniel Eakins, Data Communications Specialist (352) 955-7510

    Eric Boyer, Data Communications Specialist (352) 955-7508

    Networking Support Team
    Wade Waltman, Systems Network Analyst (352) 955-7515

    Voice Communications
    Nathan Foote, Manager Telecommunications (352) 955-6850 Ext. 1550
    Stephen Elmore, Systems Support Technician (352) 955-6850 Ext. 1551
    Matthew Bradley, Systems Support Technician (352) 955-6850 Ext. 1555

    Last update: 6/24/2019


Information Resources

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