Recommended Printers

  • It is important to know what printing environment the printer is being assigned to. Evaluate the location and users of the printer and estimate how many pages would be printed on the printer.

    IMPORTANT: Read this before purchasing a printer...
    IT Support Strategy - There are two categories of printers in use in the district: disposable and supported. All printers fall into one of these categories. Disposable printers are not repaired while full support/repair services are provided to those printers in the supported category.

    For a printer to qualify for the supported category, it must have service/repair parts available from the vendor, and it must have a high recommended monthly page volume. Typically these printers are located in a lab, media center or front office.

    While the temptation to purchase the cheapest printer available is strong, it must be emphasized that while the initial purchase price is low, the printer's total cost of ownership is usually very high, to the point of making it cheaper in the long run to purchase the more expensive, higher output unit and place it in a strategic location.

    Currently, only Lexmark is in the supported category. Lexmark provides excellent service to the ACPS district's printing needs

    For other printers, inkjets and laser printers with low Recommended Monthly Page Volume (less than 6000 pages) these units will be not be repaired and should not be sent to Sivia for support.

    Contact the ACPS Purchasing Dept for more info

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