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  • What is multifactor authentication (MFA)?

    MultiFactor authentication (MFA) adds a layer of protection to the sign-in process. When accessing accounts or apps, users provide additional identity verification, such as scanning a fingerprint or entering a code received by phone.

    Beginning June 2022, all ACPS users accessing email outside of the school network will be required to login using MFA. It is recommended that you pre-register with MFA now to avoid confusion and login issues when it is enforced.

    It's not too late--> Enroll with MFA

    Why is ACPS using MFA?

    ACPS is a government entity that is being required by our cybersecurity insurer to implement MultiFactor Authentication. Most importantly, MFA is being used to protect district staff and data safe from hackers.

    How does this impact me?

    • Accessing email from outside a school network: When MFA is enforced you will be prompted to enter a security code that is sent to your personal cell phone either as a text or call.
    • Accessing email from inside a school network: When MFA is enforced, the login experience will begin at the familiar Google login, but will redirect to a Microsoft login. You will enter your district email address and Google password which will then log you into your regular Google inbox.
    • Easy to manage password resets: MFA enrollment will automatically enroll you with SSPR which will enable you to reset your password using your phone.  


    Where do I sign up?

    More information: MFA Enrollment Help

    Azure Security Portal:

Before You Change Your Phone or Phone Number

  • Getting a new phone is a happy occasion, but it may disconnect you from your authentication method with Azure.


    If you used the Authenticator App as your method: Before you disconnect your old phone, remove the authenticator app from the phone. Microsoft offers documentation on how to do this without losing access to your security setup.

    If you chose the Phone Option:  You will still have to log into your security settings and update if you get a new phone number. If your number stays the same, no updates are necessary. See our documentation on choosing the phone as the MFA method.

    Important: Microsoft strongly recommends that you add a secondary phone number or method to help prevent being locked out of your account if your primary phone is lost or stolen, or if you get a new phone and no longer have your original, primary phone number. Adding security questions/answers is highly recommended for all users.

    For more information about using MFA, we recommend the Microsoft support site. There you will find sections that apply to you for the best results for your specific situation.

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