Instructional Technology Tech Support

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    Uma Shankar, Chief Officer- Technology/Information

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    Zone Techs support over 25,000 desktops, notebook computers, handheld devices, and printers throughout our district. All repair work and troubleshooting is done at an expert level and as quickly as possible. By making the Help Desk your first stop for support, we have streamlined our support system in every way. We have actively deployed remote desktop repair technology which enables technicians to repair most software issues without making a trip to your school or center. We are currently using desktop image technology which enables technicians to completely re-install PC or Mac operating systems and software in a matter of minutes. This is also done remotely. Zone techs have taken an active role in training school site techs through regular site tech meetings provided by Staff Development.

    IT provides consulting and quotes for all desktop devices including software. We will provide new specifications for the latest technology in desktop computers, laptops, printers, handheld devices, software and all peripherals.

Technicians and Support Personnel

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  • Assistant to the Director
  • Data Communications Manager
  • Data Communications Specialist
  • Data Communications Specialist, Zone Tech
  • Desktop Support Team
  • Desktop Support Team- Lead
  • Electronic Repair Technician
  • Electronic Tech - Desktop Support Team
  • Electronic Tech - Network Team
  • Executive Assistant to the CIO
  • Food Service Data Communications Manager
  • Graphics Production Manager
  • Graphics Productions Specialist
  • Network Tech - Voice Com Team
  • Printing and Reproduction Technician
  • Production Specialist
  • Program Support Specialist
  • Programmer Analyst III
  • Supervisor II
  • System Support Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Systems Network Analyst
  • Systems Programmer II
  • Systems Programmer III
  • Systems Programmer III- Project Leader
  • Systems Support Technician
  • Technology Support Coordinator
  • Voice Communications Manager