How to Enroll

  • Instructions for enrolling a kindergartener or other new student in Alachua County Public Schools are available on the district’s website at You will need to complete an online application form, then take the following documents to your child’s zoned school:

    • Two proofs of primary legal residence—This may be a rental or lease agreement, utility bill, deed, sales agreement or property tax bill, with the parent’s name and service address.
    • Health records—Children entering a Florida public school for the first time must have an up-to-date Florida Department of Health Form 680 (immunizations) and a copy of a physical examination conducted within the previous year—preferably on Florida Department of Health Form 3040. More information is available on this page or at
    • Proof of name and age—A certified copy of a birth certificate or an acceptable substitute is required by law for children entering a Florida school for the first time. An acceptable substitute may be:
      • Baptismal certificate showing date of birth and place of baptism, accompanied by parent’s sworn affidavit.
      • Insurance policy on child that has been in force at least two years.
      • Bible record of child’s birth accompanied by parent’s sworn affidavit.
      • Passport or certificate of arrival in the  United States showing the age of the child.
      • School record, at least four years prior, showing date of birth.
      • Parent’s sworn affidavit accompanied by a certificate of examination.
    • Social Security card—In keeping with state law, we request that you bring your child’s Social Security card. A copy will be made and kept with your child’s folder for identification purposes. 

    If your child is currently enrolled in an ACPS school but your family has moved to a different school zone within the district, that child must be re-registered in the new school. You will only need to bring two proofs of residence and your photo ID.

    You may go to your child’s zoned school at any time during regular hours to enroll your child, even during the summer, Mondays through Thursdays. You may also call the school to make an appointment.

    A list of district schools and their phone numbers/addresses is available here.

    For more information, contact the Office of Student Assignment at (352) 955-7700 or email