Required Immunizations / Physical Exam

  • Immunizations: Florida Department of Health Form 680 is the immunization document required for entering a Florida Public School. You should ask the staff at your doctor’s office, clinic or the Alachua County Health Department to fill out the form for you.

    Required immunizations include the following:

    Pre-School Entry (age-appropriate doses)

    • Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP) vaccine
    • Polio (IPV) vaccine
    • Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine
    • Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine
    • Hepatitis B (Hep B) vaccine
    • Pneumococcal conjugate (PVC13)
    • Haemophilus Influenzae Type B (Hib)

    Kindergarten – 12th Grade Entry

    • Four or five doses of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP) vaccine
    • Three doses of hepatitis B (Hep B) vaccine
    • Three, four or five doses of polio (IPV) vaccine
    • Two doses of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine
    • Two doses of varicella (chickenpox) vaccine
    • One dose of tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap)

    Seventh Grade Entry:

    • An updated DH 680 Form which includes the Tdap immunization must be obtained from a primary care provider or the Alachua County Health Department and submitted to the school for students entering seventh grade.

    The varicella vaccine is not required if varicella disease (chickenpox) is documented by a healthcare provider

    The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, administered locally through the Alachua County Health Department, provides FREE vaccines to children 0 through 18 years of age who meet program eligibility requirements.

    If a child is exempt from receiving immunizations for medical or religious reasons, a Certificate of Exemption must be provided to the school.

    Physical Exam Requirement: Students entering a Florida school for the first time must have proof of a physical exam completed within a year before enrollment that is completed and signed by a healthcare provider licensed to perform physical exams in the United States. Florida Department of Health Form 3040 is the recommended document, but it is not required. A form signed by the licensed health care provider that includes all the components listed in Form 3040 is also acceptable.