Gifted Services

  • Alachua County is committed to providing an educational program that meets the unique needs of students identified as gifted.

    In Florida, students are eligible for gifted services if they meet the criteria outlined in state regulations. Eligibility criteria for a student include a demonstrated need for services, evidence of a majority of gifted behavioral characteristics as indicated on a standard scale or checklist, and superior intellectual development as measured on a test of intelligence.

    The gifted curriculum provides greater challenges to identified students than the standard curriculum, with differences in:

    • content
    • teaching/learning environment
    • instructional strategies
    • disposition of the learner

    The Alachua County gifted program uses a combination of enrichment and accelerated curriculum for students. Gifted services are provided in a variety of ways. The majority of elementary schools offer a special resource classroom for their gifted students. These students leave their regular education classroom for one or more subjects each day. Full-day services for gifted students are available in magnet programs. Eligible students must apply for and be accepted to one of these programs.

    At the middle school level, students are typically served through content-based gifted classes, such as gifted math or science. Magnet programs are also available for highly-talented middle school students. Gifted high school students may participate in the International Baccalaureate program, the Cambridge program, Advanced Placement classes or dual- enrollment college courses.

    For more information about Alachua County’s Gifted Program, call (352) 955-7671, ext. 1630, or visit