Educational Equity and Outreach

  • The district's office of Educational Equity and Outreach was established to address the achievement gap. The office focuses on providing training for teachers and administrators, offering information and support to students and families and collaborating with community partners to promote the success of all students, regardless of race, gender, religion, disability, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation/identification, English language proficiency or other factors.

    Parent Academy: The goal of the Parent Academy is to support families by providing information and resources. The Parent Academy connects with families in many ways, including weekly live webinars throughout the school year, pre-recorded informational videos, and in-person meetings at schools and other community venues. The Academy is focused on Exceptional Student Education, Communications and School Success Strategies, College and Career Readiness and Mental Health. More information and resources are available at

    System of Care/Students to Successful Citizens: The goal of the System of Care is to provide both school- and community-based services to at-risk students and their families to improve behavior, academic achievement, graduate rates and other indicators of student success. Social workers and mental health counselors are assigned to high-needs schools to provide mental health counseling and 'wrap-around' social services in collaboration with public and private agencies.

    More information is available at

    Free Parent Coaching:  Through a partnership with the Cook Center for Human Connection, ACPS families have access to individualized, virtual parent coaching. Through its program, the Center offers families the opportunity to work weekly with a trained and certified coach who will help them address specific issues within their families. The coaching is free and confidential.

    Families can learn more and sign up at[1]