• Homework also reinforces classroom lessons. There are several things you can do to help your child successfully complete his or her homework.

    • Encourage your child to use a calendar or planner to write down assignments every day.
    • Have a routine for starting and completing homework. Some children need a snack and playtime immediately after school. Others prefer to get homework done right away.
    • Set aside a homework area with enough work space, lighting and materials.
    • Turn off the television, cell phones and other 'screen distractions' during study time.
    • Check your child’s homework for completeness and accuracy.
    • Set up a routine for your child to follow to get homework back to the teacher, such as keeping it in a special folder or particular part of the backpack, or returning it online if that's how the teacher requests it.

    Most children will need help with homework from time to time. Your child’s teacher can provide you with advice on how to help your child with homework. Some schools even offer workshops for parents and/or parent resource materials. Call your school or your child’s teacher for more information about what is available.