Report Cards

  • Students receive report cards every nine weeks. They will also receive mid-term progress reports every four weeks. Your school and the district office provide schedules to parents indicating when you can expect to receive progress reports and report cards. A calendar with those dates is also included in this document.

    For most academic subjects, your child will be given a letter grade ranging from A to F beginning in 3rd grade. In other subjects, a child may receive an S (Satisfactory), N (Needs Improvement) or U (Unsatisfactory). If your child receives a D, F, N or U in any subject, contact the teacher. A parent conference may be necessary.

    There is a space next to your child’s grade where teachers can place additional comments. The explanation for each code is included on the report card. If your child is not performing at grade level in a particular subject, the teacher will indicate that on the report card.

    Please read your child’s report card carefully. If you have any questions, call or meet with your child’s teacher.